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Posts by Benjamin Leatham

10/06/2016: Statement on NUS Referendum
27/05/2016: EU Referendum - What are we doing to raise awareness?
23/05/2016: NUS Referendum
20/05/2016: Nouse Comment Piece on HE Reforms
16/05/2016: Walmgate Stray Lighting - RESULT
12/05/2016: Summer Storage for Students
10/05/2016: EU Referendum - #EUdecide
09/05/2016: The Approval Process for Student Media and the Article "Are You Oppressed Enough?"
05/05/2016: Student Mental Ill-Health Task Group Report
04/05/2016: Policy Consultation Term 3
25/04/2016: Harassment on Campus - What are we doing about it?
25/04/2016: Motion 303: Safe Social Elections
25/04/2016: How I Voted at NUS National Conference 2016
18/04/2016: AGM & Student Trustee Elections
16/03/2016: The National Mental Health Crisis - What are we doing about it?
08/03/2016: International Women's Day
04/03/2016: NUS National Conference and Motions Submitted
01/03/2016: Statement on Front of House Review
24/02/2016: Social Media Bullying and Harrassment
19/02/2016: YUSU Elections & Yik Yak
16/02/2016: Manifesto Update 2 of the Week
15/02/2016: Manifesto Update 1 of the Week - Website
08/02/2016: 5p Bag Charge
05/02/2016: EMF (Event Management Form) Developments
21/01/2016: An Open Letter to Myself from the University about Campus Bus Servic
20/01/2016: The Terror Attack at Bacha Khan University
12/01/2016: Today I Stand in Solidarity with the Junior Doctor's Strike
11/12/2015: Improvements to the Bus Service
30/11/2015: Referendum Result - "Should YUSU support free education?"
21/11/2015: Portering Changes - Where are we up to? What can we do?
20/11/2015: Respectful Debate
18/11/2015: Should YUSU support free education?
17/11/2015: International Men's Day at York
14/11/2015: The Attacks in Paris
11/11/2015: City of York Council: Invest in some lighting on Walmgate Stray
05/11/2015: The YoYo Wallet - Termly Grand Prize Draw!
28/10/2015: An Exciting New Project!
27/10/2015: The National March for Free Education on Wednesday the 4thof November
16/10/2015: Engaging Students in a Positive Debate - Reflections on Event of this Week
05/10/2015: An EXCITING New Policy Briefing. It really is exciting!
22/09/2015: YUSU's Response to the University's Announcement Regarding Scholarships for Refugees
16/09/2015: NSS 2014/15
17/08/2015: Some Thoughts on Employability
30/07/2015: 24 hour First Bus Service!
29/07/2015: A Day in the Life of the YUSU President Vlog
20/07/2015: Template Letter to MPs about Proposed Changes for International Students
17/07/2015: Changes to the Portering Service
15/07/2015: Hellooooo
14/07/2015: The Accessibility of Higher Education
09/07/2015: PRG Statement on Recent Complaints