University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Update from the Disabled Students Officer

Posted by Thomas Ron, 06/05/2013

Hello all,

Well, I won't deny it has been a busy first two weeks as Disabled Students Officer.  Most of it has been laying the groundwork for the term and for our ambitious acheivements in the next academic year.  I again urge all persons willing to get involved in the Disabled Students Network to contact me at to go on our mailing list and to like our Facebook Page.  You do not have to be disabled, we value anyone and everyone's input.

As those of you who read Vision and look at the online version of Nouse will be aware, I have been working with the exams office on attempting to improve the provision of arrangements for students with extra time.  We will be ensuring that signs in computer labs show the times of the exams as well as potentially have 'No Entry' signs around the room.  We also hope that improving the way timetabling e-mails are sent will make life a lot easier.  Finally, we are having a survey sent out after every exam which will pick up on any problems.  If you get this survey, PLEASE answer it, this is the only way that the Exams Office and YUSU can pick up on problems.

Freshers is going to be a busy time.  I believe that the Disabled Network needs to continue engaging freshers and this is going to be front and centre of my plans.  I believe that rather than holding a centralised welcome drop-in for students, as has been done previously, it would be a lot more useful to bring the talk to the colleges.  I have therefore been in contact with the welfare Vice Chairs of every college and they have by and large reacted positivley to this idea, Alcuin has even stated they will hold a special by-election for Disability Officer.  We are also looking for Disability STYCs in every college.  If you wish to be a Disaiblity STYC please step forward, these positions are vital and incredibly important as the survival of the Network depends on a strong intake of freshers, who also should know that YUSU is working on their behalf.  Special thanks must go to Kallum Taylor and Penn Snowden, who have all been very supportive and friendly to this idea.

Finally, Access Your Future.  We hope to hold in Week 8 a massive event where persons who have disabilities and have done well in life will come to York to speak about their experiences and network with other students.  We have been working on the guest list, which is quite extensive and invites will be sent out this week.  If you have any knowledge of people who have done well in life and are disabled, please pass them on to me, all ideas are cheerfully accepted.  

There is a lot more to do, and I am continually working to improve the lives of students with disabilities.  With Roses done I intend to continue Emma Hersey's fantastic work on Access All Activities, as well as engage colleges (whose JCRCs I am touring around to gain ideas and spread the word).

Thank you