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Disclosing your disability to employers

Posted by Thomas Ron, 15/05/2013

Hello all

Well I feel I have been blogging a fair amount right now but this is a rather important blog.

Careers has contacted me about an event aimed at disabled students.  A major issue for many students is whether they are better or worse off disclosing their disabilities to employers.  This has been mentioned several times at the Disabled Students Network.  I feel it is confusing and often many have large arguments with their families on whether it is good to disclose or not.

Therefore, I am happy to be promoting this event.  Careers will be holding this event in Meeting Room 1 in the Careers building between 11:15 and 12:15 on the 23rd of May.  I think this meeting will be very informative and I urge all students who may be curious to please attend.  I also encourage all colleges to promote this to their members, so this event gets the attendance it deserves