University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Access Your Future

Posted by Thomas Ron, 10/06/2013

Hello all,

It has been a busy two weeks with massive progress being made on the accessibility front and towards greater integration in sport.  I have also made a start on the dyslexia issue, which will be addressed later.

However, we are planning a major event for Term 3 called Access Your Future.  This idea is a new one and we have been getting it together in this term.  The idea is to promote employability and activism by bringing speakers who either have had disabilities, have disabilities, or have worked with disabled people in the past to York.  Here at York they will speak about their experiences as well as network with students.

This year we have Rubbena Tariq, an artist and Ju Gosling, a webmaster and disabled activist who has written books on disability.  They are distinguished speakers and we will be enriched from their speeches.

I urge any and all students to attend this event as it will be informative and interesting, and will lead to new understanding for all.  It is in D/L/047 at 12 PM.  You can find it on Facebook at  I look forward to seeing everyone there.

These events are vital to the empowerment I promised in my manifesto, they foster greater understanding and provide hope to all.  I look forward to organising more of these events.  As usual I would like to thank my fantastic network for suggesting names and doing their best to organise the event.