University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


End of Term Update

Posted by Thomas Ron, 24/06/2013

Hello all,

What a term!  Since becoming a part-time officer I do not think I have had a moment free.  I have attempted to hit the ground running this term and looking back I think there has been an incredible amount of work done.  Let it not be said that I just stopped with opening doors earlier during exam times.

Access Your Future was a terrific success, with the speaker being very well received.  The attendees really enjoyed the event and we are going to do it again next year with more planning and greater engagement.  If anyone has any ideas on which speakers to invite please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

On dyslexia fees, YUSU is moving towards taking action on reducing the financial burden that these fees place on students.  We are currently gathering information and making the case so  if any student has anything they would like to add or any testimonials to give please do not hesitate to do so.

I have also been working with the university to put benches along the paths in Hes East and by the bus shelters.  We are also working on fixing the alarm systems in disabled toilets and installing mirrors.  Next year we will be proceeding with a Hes East Disability Survey, which should shed some light on any issues in Hes East.

I will also be holding meetings with the York Student Think Tank and the Sports Committee to further the admirable work done in Access All Activities, to promote more disability sport and to promote more disabled student participation in sport.

Next year we are going to hit the ground running.  We will launch a 'Difference Not a Disease' Campaign aimed at reducing the stigma of disability and combating bullying on campus.  We are also going to work with colleges, who have all agreed to hold drop-ins for disabled students to engage incoming disabled students and help them become more aware of the support they are entitled to.  We are also going to look into the setting up of a peer support society for disabled people to socialise, rather than forcing them to rely just on the Network, which is primarily a campaign group (though I am always here for a hug).

It has been a great term York, and I look forward to many more!