University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Mental Health Awareness Week

Posted by Thomas Ron, 14/10/2013

Hello all,

I hope all is well, freshers are settling in, and everyone has rediscovered their degrees and what it means to have a lot of reading to do.  However, I hope that everyone can take a look at the amazing mental health awareness week we have lined up.  The issue of mental health and the stigma surrounding it is a major issue, as well is the importance of showing the support systems that the university can provide.

This event has seen tremendous support from many students and though it would take too long to thank everyone who helped, provided support, all those who did were fantastic and should give themselves a pat on the back.  They will no doubt be seen during the events of the week.  We have events this week, and they are as follows:

Monday: We will be putting up posters with facts about mental health awareness around campus, to raise awareness

Tuesday: We will be at Vanbrugh Stalls, providing information on where students who are having mental health issues can seek support or guidance.  There will be very nice leaflets as well as college tutors and representatives from the Health Centre.

Wednesday; This is the big day.  We will be having the Living Library from 10-5, with the excellent volunteers so people can see the person and not the disability, which is incredibly important.  For more on how great this library is and onw how wrong some statements were please see:  We will also be having a panel event with none other than NUS Disabled Students' Officer Hannah Patterson, along with the many panelists to discuss the topic 'how entrenched is the stigma against mental health issues in society and how can we combat and address it?

Thursday: We will launch the student campaign #goodday and #badday, which is the excellent idea of Jemima Busby and Tay Whitehead.  We will be going around campus with a whiteboard promoting this excellent campaign

Friday: We will have the exercise bike challenge, where students will be encouraged to spend time on an exercise bike (placed in Vanbrugh Paradise).  This will highlight the importance of exercise in regard to mental health, as will the leaflets that we will have to distribute.  The college that has the best overall time will get a prize not unsimiliar to cake delivered to their JCRC.

Let the week begin, and let it be as informative as possible!