University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Why people should run for Access/Disability Rep

Posted by Thomas Ron, 11/11/2013

Hello all

As many of you know JCRC elections are coming up.  These elections are always a great time, where new students get involved and help define their time at York.  It is always great to see an active community.  Therefore, I would like to highlight the importance of the position of Disability Rep (or Access Rep in some colleges).

The position of Disability Rep has been put in all colleges and is responsible for representing, empowering, and helping disabled students.  They are expected to attend the Disabled Students' Network and do their best to ensure that disabled students are having a good time at the University of York.  Often this position is not filled in the initial elections, and is often co-opted later.  For example, in 2012, only one Rep was elected, everyone else was co-opted.

This year we must do better!  For disabled student liberation to be recognised we need to see these positions elected on the first run, and hopefully be contested as well.  We require a healthy debate and strong reps who have an electoral mandate from their colleges to progress further.  Therefore, I urge people to please consider standing for this important position, which will make your college a better place for all.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself, through my e-mail  Additionally, existing disability reps will be more than happy to speak about their roles and share information, as will Vice Chairs of Welfare on the responsibilities of the role.

Disabled Students deserve representation, so let's ensure they have it.  Let's see as many disability reps being elected so we can continue to improve and grow our movement!