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Pharmacy issues

Posted by Thomas Ron, 25/12/2013

Hello all

I hope holidays are going well, the enjoyment of the festivities coinciding with studying for those pesky exams are balancing each other out.  While you are all on holiday there is an important thing that must be blogged about and is going to be a major campaign of the Disabled Students' Network over the next term.

The Alcuin Disability Rep elect, Helen Cox raised a very important issue at a meeting about the access that some students have to pharmaceuticals.  Many disabled students have to recieve medication on an almost daily basis.  Once they get their perscriptions they often have to walk on an almost weekly basis.  Many students who have chronic pain or chronic fatigue find this journey to be very difficult and sometimes impossible.

It has often been a promise for there to be a pharmacy on campus, and I understand that progress has been made towards this end.  This is admirable and when it comes in it will be a major improvement to the life of many students on campus.  However, even then, no matter where the pharmacy will be, some students will have a hard time getting to the location.

Therefore, we need to have a better solution, especially for those who live on campus.  Medication needs to be easily available to be picked up from nearby locations.  The best way to do this is to have a system where medication can be picked up easily from poter's lodges.  Therefore, over the next term this will be a major campaign of the DSN and I hope to see a lot of support from other students to provide a system that will benefit all, where medication can be delivered from the pharmacies to a porter's lodge and then picked up at the convenience of the student