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Catering doors open half an hour earlier

Posted by Thomas Ron, 06/01/2014

Hello all,

Happy new year and welcome back to another term at York.

As we all know it is exam season once again and many of us are going to have to take exams throughout this week.  However, there is a glimmer of good news.

Last exam season catering services agreed to open the doors of Derwent Catering, Vanbrugh Catering, James Catering, and Wentworth Catering half an hour earlier to allow students who had 6:00 exams to get their food and finish it at a leisurely pace.

This year I am proud to state that the University has agreed to do this again due to lobbying by Kallum and myself.  For this week, as the exams go on, catering hours will begin at 5:00.

Therefore, good luck in your exams, and may you not sit them on an empty stomach!