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Why BSL must be an LFA

Posted by Thomas Ron, 20/01/2014

Hello all

For those of you who follow the campaigns that the Disabled Students' Network launches, it will be known that we have been promoting the teaching of British Sign Language as a Language for All Course.  I felt that it would be important to explain why teaching this as a language is so important.

British Sign Language is a living language which many people use on a daily basis.  Therefore, to treat it as something for careers which improves one's CV is insulting to those who use it.  By treating it as a career opportunity we treat deafness as a problem with the individual, rather than as a problem imposed by a society that forces people to hear and does not feel the need to use sign language to help communicate.

Therefore, it is crucial that BSL be taught by the LFA programme, on the same level as Japanese or Italian, showcasing the fact that this is a living language that would be interesting and important to learn.  By teaching students a Level 1 Qualification in British Sign Language we allow students to communicate and learn a new and interesting language which will enrich them and society in general