University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Let's Make Club Nights More Accessible

Posted by Thomas Ron, 03/02/2014

Hello all,

I hope term has started well.  I am just writing to talk about an issue that has come up for disabled students that we are making very real progress towards solving.

For a long time many club nights have been very inaccessible.  Many clubs have steps in all sorts of places and some do not even have Disabled toilets.  It is strongly felt by the Disabled Students' Network that all clubs that hold official YUSU Club Nights should, at the very least, allow all students to make it to the dance floor.

Many of the new College reps ran with this on their manifesto and I can fully see where they are coming from.  Therefore I have made this a major plank of our Network going forward into the next year.

In Week 3 we met with representatives from YUSU Club Nights to talk about the major issues and I am pleased to report that they seem very much on board to make improvements.  This is especially relevant in the case of Tokyo, a club that does not even have a disabled toilet.  The representatives have said that they will look to feed back about putting temporary ramps.

However, the most important aspect of this meeting was the fact that the representatives agreed to work with the group 'Attitude is Everything', who do a great job of getting old buildings to be accessible and easy for disabled persons to use.  Therefore, as part of the next contract with clubs I will call for a condition of the contract to be that the clubs work with the charity Attitude is Everything