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DSN Committee Elections

Posted by Thomas Ron, 03/03/2014

Hello all,

Now that the hubbub of elections is over I feel that it is important that I share about an important event that is coming up for the Disabled Students' Network.  As a Network we agreed in a vote to reinstate an executive committee structure.  We will be officially electing the committee on Week 10 and I encourage everyone who wants to to have a stab at running for a position to do so.

The positions we have that are up for election are:

Secretary - responsible for writing up the minutes and setting up the agenda,

Treasurer - responsible for scrutinising our budget and writing up our requests for grants from YUSU

Event Coordinator - responsible for organising events that the Network runs and setting up steering committees for the events

Press and Publicity - responsible for advertising and publicising events and other Network activity, also responsible for publicity during Freshers Fair

All these roles are roles with two places

For our Network to succeed it is imparative that we have a strong committee with dedicated people who wish to take it forward and strengthen it.  No one person can do everything by themselves and therefore it would be great to see a lot of people running for these positions.  It will be great experience as this Network has been behind some major campaigns and seeks to put on major events.

It is important to note that only members may actually run for position.  All disabled students are automatically members of the Disabled Students' Network.  Therefore, all those who self-define as disabled, are legally considered to have a disability, or use disability services, or have been granted membership of our Network may run for a committee position and vote for people to be in that position.  I hope to see many people running in these crucial elections and hope to inaugurate a great committee to take DSN forward.

If you wish to get involved or have any questions for me, do not hesitate to get in touch with me at my e-mail of  I would also encourage people, as always to attend our meetings at 6:30 PM every Wednesday.  We will be having our week 9 meeting in RCH/017 and our week 10 meeting in G/045A