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Catering Doors open again for exam time

Posted by Thomas Ron, 01/04/2014

Hello all,

Those of you with a penchant for nostalgia will remember that last year for the first time catering doors were opened half an hour earlier during exam time to enable those with evening exams to eat their meal with plenty of time to spare.  This was repeated again in the winter exam season and was a huge success, helping students acheive their full potential in exams.

This year, I am pleased to report that this will be happening again.  Between Weeks 5 and 7 catering doors in Derwent, Vanbrugh, and the Roger Kirk Centre will open half an hour earlier, so catering will start at 5, not at 5:30.  Therefore, I invite all catered students, all MAD card holding students, and anyone else who wants to use catering on the day of their exam to enjoy an earlier dinner and sit their exam with a full stomach.

But wait!  I can hear, what about Wentworth?  Wasn't Edge open half an hour earlier as well?  Yes, it was, but the university is reviewing Edge and they will be relocating all people to other catering establishments.  I have been assured by university staff that EVERYONE will be able to get catered food at 5 PM.  Please do let me know if this does not happen, and I will be sure to make sure the university rectifies this, as they have made a promise and I expect them to keep it

Happy eating and good exams!