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Focus Group about Discrimination towards Disabled People in York

Posted by Thomas Ron, 15/04/2014

Hello all

I hope everyone is ready to return to campus for another exciting term.

I thought I would advertise a very important event that is coming up, held by my amazing preceessor, Emma Hersey.  She is doing a placement for Healthwatch York, who want to know if anyone, while living in York has experienced discrimination due to being a disabled person.  They are particularly interested in the attitudes people have faced from individuals and organisations.  The aim of the project is to feed back reccomendations to public services to make York a more friendly place for disabled people.

Anyone interested in getting involved can fill out the following survey here:

There will also be a focus group on the 1st of May at 6:30 in P/L/005 for people to discuss experiences.  If anyone wants to hear more, please contact Emma Hersey at