University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


YUSU and YSJSU's open letter to David Willetts

Posted by Thomas Ron, 29/05/2014

Dear Rt. Hon Mr. Willetts MP,

We are the Disabled Students Officers of the University of York and York St. John’s. We are contacting you regarding your recent policy statement about Disabled Students’ Allowance. As I am sure you can appreciate, this is an issue that is extremely pertinent to the many students we represent within our universities.

We understand that you have only issued a policy statement and appreciate that any actual policy is only within the earliest stages. We further appreciate that DSA has not been looked at in years and there will need to be some streamlining. However, many students have raised concerns about what these changes will entail and it is not possible for us to turn a blind eye to it. Additionally, the statement’s language seems to attempt to classify different disabilities, which is concerning due to the needs of all disabled students.

Therefore, we, the Unions of the University of York, and York St. John’s Student Union invite you to come over and discuss the changes you wish to make, so we can dispel any confusion and concerns students may have. Additionally, as we know that this policy is just in its inception, such an opportunity would allow you to consult with the students you will be affecting so that the policy is the best. If you cannot make it, we would welcome any person you would wish to send who can speak with authority and hear what we have to say.

We hope to hear back from you soon.

Thomas Ron
YUSU Disabled Students’ Officer

Sasha Thorpe
YSJSU disabled student’s representative

Kallum Taylor , YUSU President

Adam Mcskimming , YSJSU President