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This term's roundup

Posted by Thomas Ron, 29/06/2014

Hello all,

Term is over and we can all go to the summer and whatever jobs/vacations/relaxation awaits.  However, I feel that I should give a rundown of what has happened this term, and a more general roundup of this year.

This term, we gained a major victory by ensuring that hearing loops will be installed in major lecture theatres.  Thanks to the tireless work of Josh Salisbury and James Tracey, PS/B/020, the LMB lecture theatres, and C/A/101 will all have hearing loops.  Further investigation will be made by the university towards the costs of installing these loops in Hendrix Hall and B/B/002, with the costs out by the end of the summer, so we can continue to push for those.

We have also managed to negotiate with clubs.  All YUSU club nights will have their staff trained to provide full access.  This is a major start and was due to the tireless work of Callum Dziedzic and Seb Kwong in highlighting problems, and hopefully clubs will be fighting those.  We will of cousre be putting pressure on clubs to become more accessible, but having their staff trained is a major step forward in ensuring that everyone can enjoy their nights and no one is left at the mercy of the staff and how well they are trained.

The university's long awaited access audit is finally out, detailing major improvements across campus, which have been called for by myself, my predecessor, Emma Hersey, and her predecessor, Liam Smith.  These changes are incredibly important and I will be holding the university to account on this audit, ensuring that they fulfil their promises.  The initial signs seem encouraging, with a very productive meeting on campus signage showing that they will rework the signs on campus (and hopefully on Hes East).  This will be something both for me and any future officers to ensure the university does, and continues to pay attention to.

We have had the second ever Access Your Future, expertly organised by James Tracey and Montana Davies-Shuck, with two excellent speakers.  Everyone at the event agreed that it was very good, and we will certainly be continuing this next year, under the leadership of Zohra Khan and Josh Salisbury.  If you are interested in getting involved, please do not hesitate to contact them or myself (and I will put you in contact with them).  We will also have a major Mental Health Awareness Day, run by Naomi Barrow, on the second Friday of term 1, which looks to be very good.  If you are interested in running that please contact either her or myself.

Disabled Students' Network has also grown quite a bit this year, helped in no small part by the fact that every college has a rep on our Network, meaning we have a wider appeal to all.  We elected a new committee and the lucky people are

Chair: Thomas Ron

Secretary: Tim Wingard and Callum Dziedzic

Treasurer: Seb Kwong

Events Coordinator: Josh Salisbury and Zohra Khan

Press and Publicity: Open position

Alucin Representative: Helen Cox

Constantine Representative: Position Open

Derwent Representative: Joe Williams

Goodricke Representative: Callum Dziedzic and Seb Kwong

Halifax Reprsentative: Josh Salisbury and James Tracey

James Representative: Montana Davies-Shuck

Langwith Representative: Position open

Vanbrugh Representative: Naomi Barrow

GSA Representative: David Sanin

If you feel like you would like to be Press and Publicity, do not hesitate to get in touch.  As with all positions in the Network, in order to run you must either self-define as disabled, be legally defined as disabled, or use disability services.

Have a great summer everyone

Over and out