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Welcome to New Freshers

Posted by Thomas Ron, 21/08/2014

Hello new freshers

I am Thomas Ron, your Disabled Students' Officer.  I am a Part-Time Officer, one of many, who are responsible for certain portfolios while also doing our degrees.  As Disabled Students' Officer I am responsible for looking after the interests of Disabled Students' at York.  This involves campaigning on their behalf to improve their lives.

For the last year, I have managed to extend catering hours during exam time, slash the amount of money dyslexic students have to pay for the assessment of need by 50%.  I am always happy to work with students on campaigns.  I also chair the Disabled Students' Network, which is the campaigning body for disabled students' and work with fantastic reps from every college who have been invovled in campaigns like getting hearing loops in all lecture theatres, working with clubs to make them more accessible, and holding events like the Mental Health Awareness Day.

I hope many new freshers will get involved in this network to suggest excellent ideas and continue to help us grow as a Network.  We need the ideas of new people to keep our ideas fresh and relevant.  The freshers of last year were an inspiration to the Network, and we need more of them this year to continue to inspire

Welcome to York