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GreatWithDisability Campus Advisor Opportunity

Posted by Thomas Ron, 11/09/2014

Hello all,

As term comes closer, I thought I would advertise a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved with, the chance to become a Campus Ambassador for GreatWithDisability.  GreatWithDisability is a charity that works with employers that have a good record with employing disabled people.  They have partners in companies like Barclay's, EDF Energy, and many many more.  As employment is a major goal, GreatWithDisability is a major help for many students.  

Their campus ambassadors are there to promote GreatWithDisabiltiy and help them organise fairs and be seen on campus where they can have a strong presence.  Students will be expected to work with Careers and help out on Careers Fairs, as well as help provide them feedback on how to improve (which helps them be even better in turn).  It is a great way to help one's CV and gain valuable experience in marketing as well as helping a most noble cause.

Therefore, I encourage any interested students to apply here:  Applicants will be reimbursed in the form of vouchers of value up to £75.  If you have any further questions, please contact Helen Cooke at, who will be delighted to answer your questions.

I hope all students will get involved in this great opportunity and help a charity that has done so much

I am looking forward to Freshers

Thomas Ron