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3 Reasons To Get Involved in Activities

Posted by Christopher Wall, 15/09/2014

Hello. It's about time I do one of these blog posts. I thought for my first post I'd take some time to introduce myself and give 5 top reasons you should get involved in activities that we help students run at YUSU. 

Who Am I?

My name is Chris Wall and I studied Film and Television Production at York and in my third year got elected to the positon of Student Activities Officer for the following year. 

I've been up to a fair amount over the Summer, a lot of planning for when most society activity is taking place during the main term dates of University. I'll be updating you on those in another blog post later down the line. 

I perform mind reading as a hobby and according to this Buzzfeed quiz, I'm a Miranda. So that's me. 

Why Get Involved?

As a student at York, whether you a first year, postgrad, or part-time student; you have the ability to get involved in some amazing things you'll never get to do again. Here are 3 reasons you should get invovled with what we offer.

  1. Meet New People
    One of the best reasons to get invovled is to meet new people. We're lucky at York that if you live within a college on campus you'll meet people that at another institution you may never meet! Many of our activities are great ways of continuing that. 
  2. Learn Something New
    You get the opportunity to do some things you never get to do again! Learn a new hobby or do something for much cheaper than you normally would. I personally will be taking up Archery this year to live out my dream of being Legolas. Or you can make TV with YSTV for £5 over the course of the year! There are many more examples I could give.
  3. The 'E' Bomb
    Yep. Employability. Getting a job you want is one of the main reasons people come to Uni. By showing you have been involved in a society or sports club, for example, you show a willingness to seek out stuff and also demonstrate a skill of time management. Those are two big things that employers are looking for past just the degree. 

There are a hundred more reasons I could mention for you to get invovled, but those three are absolutely key. In my opinion it's a real shame not to take up some of the things we run. 

Freshers Fair

To find out more about any of the things we have on offer, come down to Freshers Fair where you will be able to meet all 164 societies, all 62 sports clubs, all 14 volunteering projects, our amazing RAG team, our YUSU part-time officers and more. There's also free pizza... sooo...

Chat to the people and sign up to the mailing lists so you know what's going on and get involved!


10:00 - 16:00

That's It For Now

As the term goes on I'll be using this as a tool to keep you updated with what I've been doing and many of the exciting things we have going on that you should be getting involved with. 

Till then.