University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Freshers Fair Aftermath

Posted by Christopher Wall, 06/10/2014

After an incredibly successful Freshers Fair where nearly 5000 people descended down onto campus to take a look at everything York can have to offer you, you might be suffering from a little bit of information overload.

Here’s some things to do to stay on top of your emails and get involved in as much as possible.

Free Sessions

Make a note when all of the free sessions of the societies or clubs you’ve signed up will be doing. This is the best time to find out about them and give them a try without commitment. Go through your emails and note them all down on one piece of paper and look at where you can double up or where you might have a clash and be sure to e-mail and find out any information you’ve missed.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

The societies and clubs are all lovely! They don’t bite! And their job is to get you involved. They want you there! So ask questions, find out stuff. If you can’t make the welcome meeting then ask what you want to know. They will help you.

It’s never too late!

Don’t be afraid about turning up part way through the year or a little later on. There’s often a lot to do whether you’re a first year away from home for the first time or a second year in your first house! There is always a chance to get involved. Just e-mail and say what’s going on.

Keep an eye out on your e-mails and keep joining stuff throughout the year. It’s never too late.