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Disabled Students' Network First Meeting

Posted by Thomas Ron, 07/10/2014

Hello all and particularly new freshers

By way of introduction I am Thomas Ron, the YUSU Disabled Students' Officer.  It is a great honour and I hope to continue to help students out.

As part of my job I chair the Disabled Students' Network, which is the representative body of all disabled students.  Any student who self-defines as disabled, is legally classified as such, or who uses disability services is automatically a member of the Network.  We also welcome any student who comes along and we value our allies who have been fantastic.

As students, you set the course of the Disabled Students' Network and last year we have made some fantastic changes to campus, putting hearing loops in lecture theatres, making clubs more accessible being two of the many changes we have made.  However, with new students come new challenges and if we are to grow as a Network and be truly representative we need more students to come along.  Therefore, I hope to see many new students at our meeting on Wednesday the 8th of October at 6:30 PM in D/L/008.  We will have a huge banner in front of the room.

This meeting will be an icebreaker and also have free pizza and a film, which will both be great, so please do come along, we welcome anyone and everyone, and let's make this a great year for DSN