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End of Term Review

Posted by Thomas Ron, 10/12/2014

Hello all

Another term gone by (I swear they are going by faster) and it is time for that termly accounting for what I and the Disabled Students' Network have been up to.

During freshers week we had a series of drop-ins to inform students about who we were as well as introducing them to disability services.  We thank the colleges who did this, as they have done students a great service and worked collaboratively for the betterment of their students.  These drop-ins were an accross-the-board success, with almost all colleges seeing an increased turnout, meaning more students were contacted and were aware of the services they could talk to.

Additionally, we gained some very important victories for students, such as getting sugar-free lemonade served in both the Courtyard and Glasshouse, as well as implementing the first areas of the Access Audit, such as getting subtitles on all university videos and making the library wheelchair-accessible gate openable by student IDs.  The unviersity has made further commitments on the access audit and I intend to ensure that they are kept to schedule.

We have also managed to deal with the scandalous failure to inform students in separate locations about mistakes on the exams.  The university will now be checking senior invigilators reports against the reports from invigilators in separate rooms to make sure all mistakes were reported and to inform students if this is not the case.

The committee has also been busy.  Many of you will have seen YSTVs coverage of Naomi Barrow's excellent Mental Health Awareness Day.  That was a massive success and she deserves the highest praise for it.  Those who have not, the link is here  We also have work starting on Access Your Future III, with Zohra Khan and Josh Salisbury taking the lead there.  This should be a good event.

We have also begun to raise money to help the university with its accessibility project.  James Tracey, Josh Salisbury, and Evelyn Kramer all raised over £300 with their efforts, coinciding with Disability History Month (where pictures of famous disabled people were put up) by putting on a movie night and standing out in the cold to get loose change.  This was a roaring success.

We also managed to get reps elected in 7 colleges, same as last year, which is a major step up to when I first started.  Our new reps are:
Alcuin: Helen Cox
Constantine: Beth Francis
Derwent: Julia Neugarten
Goodricke: Position open
Halifax: Cassandra Lovelock
James: Evelyn Kramer
Langwith: Lucas Pearce
Vanbrugh: Naomi Barrow

I look forward to working with these reps for the last term in office.

This brings me to a final point.  Next term will be my last term, meaning that elections are coming and there needs to be another officer to lead DSN.  This has been an amazing position, so if anyone is interested I urge them to consider standing, and to message me to find out more.  My door is always open and I am happy to speak to any student who is interested.  Furthermore, remember you can run as a pair.

See you next year