University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Disabled Staff Network has been launched

Posted by Thomas Ron, 04/02/2015

Hello everyone

On Monday I attended the launch of the Disabled Staff Network.  This Network has been set up for disabled staff members to meet and discuss issues, much like our very own Network does.  It has been something that has been lobbied for by many officers and I am delighted to see that it has happened.

Having support from staff and another voice for the disability movement is invaluable.  It means that we can unify around issues that affect both staff and students.  While our Network has pioneered excellent campaigns we don't always catch all the issues, and a staff network can help us.  Furthermore, it helps build a strong disabled community in York, much like the LGBTQ staff Network has done with the LGBTQ students Network.

Therefore, it must be a priority for our Network to communicate with this staff network and to forge strong bonds with them, so we can present a unified front to the university.  The university seems serious about making this Network work, and I want to help them.  Therefore, in the future I will be working to help this Network off its feet and make sure it becomes a permanent fixture with the university