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You've got 99 Problems...Is Adam Bennett one?

Posted by Thomas Ron, 16/02/2015

Like many, housing for 2nd year took me by surprise. It seemed I had barely been at University for any time at all, barely recovered from Fresher’s Week, barely managed to pause for breath after January exams when the topic raised its head. Where to live? Who with? And, importantly, with which letting agency?

In the times I’d actually decided to go to lectures – few and far between, because this was first year after all – I’d seen a letting agency in Market Square. It then seemed only natural that we should look for a property with Adam Bennett – if they were on campus, they must be University endorsed, right?

Wrong. Adam Bennett offers a terrible service to students. Its deposits are higher than its competitors, its properties are expensive and poorly maintained, and its customer service isn’t worthy of the name. Year after year, Adam Bennett receives a new influx of Freshers who are under the false illusion that the practises of a letting agency on campus must be approved of by University officials. And year after year, because of its location, Adam Bennett can get away with not offering the service that students deserve.

That’s why I’m campaigning to force Adam Bennett to improve – or else lose its position in Unit 8, Market Square. The University leases out Unit 8, Market Square to the company. I feel that the University should refuse to renew that lease, unless and until students get a better deal.

So how can we get that better deal? I’ve set up a page asking for students to come forward with their stories and experiences when renting from Adam Bennett here: (You can also email With your stories, we will compile a report to the University, in order to prove that students are not happy with the level of service they’re currently being offered. Then we can outline a criteria that Adam Bennett should meet, in order for the University to renew its lease. Together, we can get a better deal for students from their on-campus letting agency – but only if you send in your stories, experiences and complaints to us.

In short – if you want a better deal, a better service, a better on campus letting agency, send your experiences to or email Let’s not have another year of students paying top whack for low quality service.