University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


PRG Statement on Recent Complaints

Posted by Benjamin Leatham, 09/07/2015

YUSU President Ben here, I'm posting on behalf of Callum Furness, YUSU's Policy Coordinator about a recent Motion of Censure that did not pass against two of our Part-Time Officers.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Mike, our Democracy & Campaigns Coordinator here at YUSU: 


In the wake of the Facebook event “Emergency Rally: Democracy Now” organised by YUSU Officers Jack Chadwick and Katherine Mellor, and the subsequent controversy caused by the event and comments made by the officers involved,  two separate Votes of No Confidence were filed against Jack and Katie last month.

The Policy Review Group’s investigation determined that there were insufficient grounds for Votes of No Confidence and instead they felt it appropriate to recommend Motions of Censure for each officer as per Bye-law 12, Section 23. This recommendation meant that the Officer Group (that is, the Full-Time and Part-Time Officers) were asked to vote on whether they felt that a motion of censure was appropriate in each case.

Each Officer position received one vote, and the parties involved were unable to cast a vote in their own case.  There needs to be a simple majority for the vote to pass, with 14 votes cast for each motion.

Should there be a MoC against Katherine Mellor?

Yes - 3

No - 9

Abstain - 2

The Motion of Censure does not pass.


Should there be a MoC against Jack Chadwick?

Yes - 6

No - 6

Abstain - 2

A tied vote means that the Motion of Censure does not pass.

As a result, both the Motion of Censure against Jack Chadwick and the Motion of Censure against Katie Mellor did not pass.