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First Blog as Academic Officer - Hello again

Posted by Thomas Ron, 14/07/2015

Hello everyone...again,

I figure that there is no reason to change my greeting though this is the first time I have said it as Academic Officer.  As those of you who follow the YUSU Facebook and Twitter accounts you will have noticed that I have taken over those accounts and that I have started as Academic Officer.

I figured that I would take the time to set out my ethos, discuss my manifesto plans and let you all know what is going on around here.  

So in the first two weeks of Sabbhood we have had a lot of training, which has been done to make sure we understand exactly how this Union we are supposed to run works.  It has been quite interesting and insightful and has taught me quite a bit.  I have also been meeting with university officials and discussing some of my manfesto pledges, which I am pleased to say have quite a bit of university support.  This is good as it means that they should be done with minimal resistance, most of which will come from departments, which are easier to lobby with student support.

Which leads me nicely onto another big part of the job...department reps.  The first stage of Department Rep applications have closed and we have the following Department Reps in the following departments.
Health Sciences - Sorrel Needle
Archaeology - Cait Scott
Sociology - Robin Grace Cleary
TFTV - Jay Elizabeth Edevane
Philosophy - Dom Smithies
PEP - Selina Melissa Pope
HYMS - Edward Miller
The second wave of department rep applications will open on the 1st of September so if you do not see your department and want to be a Rep please apply.  If you apply before the 1st I will hold your application and treat it as submitted.  One can find the form here.

As Academic Officer I intend to be as communicative as possible and ensure students are kept in the loop to the greatest extent.  As you are paying quite a lot of money for your education I feel that you should have the most say on how your course goes.  Therefore, while many of the things I work on will have long-term effects I will try my hardest to ensure that you, the students, are invovled to the greatest extent possible in drafting these policies.  Therefore, I hope to set up many forums and consultations over university policy so that we can get our view right, and the university gets the policy right on the first go.  This will be especially important when it comes to my manifesto pledges.

I will try my hardest to blog on average once every two weeks and communicate the progress we have made on many issues to the student media so students can know what I am doing and are not in the dark.

Have a great year and let's make York better

Over and out