University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Changes to the Portering Service

Posted by Benjamin Leatham, 17/07/2015

The porters are an integral part of life at York. They provide support for a range of immediate problems such as lost keys, maintenance problems and general security. Along with this they provide a friendly, welcoming environment to the University. Any change to this valuable service needs to be carefully considered to ensure it is enhanced and not diminished.

Many students found out about the changes through this York Press article -   Unison, the trade union that represents the porters, is currently consulting with the University over the issue of pay. They are best placed to understand the wants and needs of the porters, and to negotiate terms with the University. We are in contact with them, and University counterparts, and have asked to be kept up to date.

YUSU’s role in this is to ensure that the changes to the service benefit students in the greatest possible way. I am meeting with Jon Meacock, the University’s Director of Estates and Campus Services, to determine the exact nature of these proposed changes. If they are not in the students’ interest YUSU will commence discussion with the University to ensure that the experience of students is not adversely affected. 

The portering service is central to the York experience and YUSU is taking these proposed changes very seriously.