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What's Going on with Welfare and Community this Summer

Posted by Scott Dawson, 17/07/2015

Hey everyone! My name is Scott Dawson and I am your new Welfare and Community Officer! I thought I'd take some time to introduce myself and highlight what I'll be up to this summer. No one likes a long blog post, so I'll try to keep it short and sweet. 

Just so you know, I am approaching this entire year with two goals in mind: Clarity and Communication. I want to make it clear what I intend to do and why I am doing it, so that I may be held to account by you all. 

So, with that said I want to show what I have done, what I Intend to do, and what will be in place come late september. 

So far in the story of welfare...

  1. Guranteed 'Sick Bus' for Freshers Week (or vomet comet as it is affectionately known). Freshers who are too drunk and just need to get back to campus now can without fear of fine or being left out in the cold for hours. This is all thanks to our incredibly friendly connections in Streamline. Big shout out to them for believing that the service has use! Following Freshers Week, I will be looking to include the service for large term-time events (Viking Raid, Summer Ball, etc...) 
  2. YUSU Shop now provides gluten free snacks in their meal deals. This went through thanks to the efforts of YUSU commercial services. With a bit of sharing online, many students have now been made aware of this big win for a growing number of students who cannot have gluten. 
  3. Increased connections with the local community through Tour De Tang Hall and the LGBT Forum. Last sunday I had the pleasure of being involved in Tour De Tang hall. An event organized by the local community with some help from the Student Union. It was a huge success, which engaged many living in Tang Hall. Several individuals were very happy to see a Student Union member attend the event, as well as those who organized the event. This has already led to a couple of meetings being arranged between myself and local representatives to clarify the relationship between students and the Yorkshire folk! Similar efforts have been made by attending meetings with the LGBT Forum, hopefully that will move in the same direction!


What I'm currently working on: 

  1. Getting a hot water tap in the Library for students. Meetings have been arranged over the next 2 weeks. 
  2. Working out a pay as you go GYM membership for exam seasons. Meetings to take place over the next week. There seems to be optimism that pay as you go could be brought in for the most frantic parts of Winter and Summer term. Will let you all know. 
  3. Sorting out proper lighting for areas around Halifax College. This is a tough one, e-mails have been sent out and I am hoping to hear back from the Council over the coming month. 
  4. Organize Head STYC Training and JCRC Training. Ongoing project throughout the Summer. I am hoping to leave a positive impact on JCRC training by focusing training to a greater extent. Head STYC training will hopefully see an expansion of River Safety, Student Well-Being and *fingers crossed* a useful guide to approach the crazyness of Freshers Week. 
  5. Promoting discussion between Students and the wider community. Working with Higher York on this one. Hopefully plans will come into reality by early September. 
  6. Creating a welcome handbook guide for Disability Students. This is being done mainly by our Disabled Students Network. My aim is simply to help get this project completed by Freshers Week. Shout out to Dawn Harker for getting on with this already! 
  7. Consolidate Welfare Contacts into a 'master list'. Difficult one. The idea was to help give all students a 'go to' list for welfare information. We will see how this goes! 
  8. Create a 'YUSU APPROVED PART-TIME JOB BOARD'. My pet project which I am super excited about! The idea is to create a job notice board for students to find part-time work with companies that have been assessed according to criteria. This criteria is to help ensure that students are finding employment in friendly working environments. The notice board will be done by September, with hopefully 15-20 companies already signed up to the scheme. I will have compelted the 'criteria' list by mid August. 
  9. Support Nightline in finding a new buildling. Already been working on this, hopefully something will be sorted by the end of summer!


I have other projects I intend to do for the main three terms, but they still need to be fully fleshed out. I'll be telling  you all about those in September! In the mean time you know what I intend to do. 9 goals, let's see how I do! 

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Thanks all, have a great summer!