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Welfare and Community Update: 20th July to 31st July

Posted by Scott Dawson, 24/07/2015

Hi everyone. 

I'm hoping to do these regular updates (once every 2-3 weeks) so that you know what I have been up to. In September I will be doing this in video format (snazzy, I know) but until I master some form of tech it will be blog posts for now! 

This Week in Welfare: 20th July - 24th July

20th July:

  • Regular Sabb Team Meeting, planning out our long term summer plans. 
  • Met with members from Higher York to promote sustainable travel in York. I.E: How can we encourage bike use/public transport?

21st July:

  • Organising promotion of the Good Landlord Awards for September. 
  • Met with Library maintenance staff to discuss the possibility of a hot tap in the cafe area. Result was positive. Maintenance are up for it, however it needs to be passed by the larger Library board. Will let you know how that meeting goes. 

22nd July: 

  • Attended the student accommodation complaints panel. I am present on this panel to express the student side of accommodation on campus. 
  • Meet with key college co-ordinators to plan out JCRC/CSA training for the new college committees in December. This a personal project which I have jumped onto as I am keen to see change for the training this year. I will be attending future meetings and hopefully providing insight into how to improve the training. 
  • Worked with the other Sabb members to plan out an exciting campaign we hope to form by the end of summer!
  • Met with Langwith President Alex Byron to discuss access to sport for colleges. 

23rd July:

  • Met with college co-ordinator Rob Aitken with fellow Sabbs regarding campaigns against sexual harassment. Will let you know what our eventual plans are coming out of these discussions. 
  • Met with Nursery Management Group. Looking at increasing connections between the student community and providing a positive role-model environment for nursery students. 
  • Had a meeting with Nightline volunteers regarding what extra work YUSU could be doing for them.
  • Held a meeting about pay as you go Gym membership in exam season. A positive outcome was made, plans still need to be finalised, but watch this space. ;)

24th July:

  • Had a meeting with Student Support Staff regarding an NUS drink awareness campaign. Outcome is that YUSU will incorporate some of its key features into campaigns that we are already planning for the year. 
  • Brought together and finalised the plan to publish the Disability Student Network welcome booklet. All I am doing is helping to publish, print and promote the booklet. Dawn and others at DSN did all the work and should be commended for their hard work in ensuring students find York to be accessible friendly as possible. 


Next Week: (27th July - 31st July)

  • From Monday 27th July until the 30th July I'll be attending the NUS Lead & Chance: Welfare and Community Conference. At which I will be developing key skills in Welfare leadership, campaign planning and working in team environments with other Welfare and Community Sabbs. I hope to learn a lot from it, and will let you know how it all goes! 


31st July: 

  • The sabb team will be doing 'Year Mapping', planning out our monthly, long term goals and objectives. Pretty much it will bring together our scattered plans and ensure we stay on target. 


And that's that! Hopefully this will give you insight into what I do on a day to day basis. If you have any questions, always feel free to get in touch.

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