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Hello YUSU My Old Friend...

Posted by Christopher Wall, 31/07/2015

Hello all. 

Last year one of the things I thought we did poorly was communicate with you and let you know what it was we were getting on with. And as you can see from my last blog post being in March...I'm very guilty of that myself. 

So I'm going to try to put that right. One month in and keep you up to date on a much more regular basis about what I'm up to - as the other FTOs have here.

Ben Leatham -
Scott Dawson -
Tom Ron -

The Past Month

Week 1: Residential Training
We stayed in a house and learned about how to do our jobs. It was a really good week of setting objectives and bonding as a team. Ben Leatham does a mean BBQ.

Week 2: SUs 2015
I went away to Bolton with our CEO to meet other Union Officers and staff as well as the NUS Exec for the first time to discuss National Issues and share best practise on what is happening across the sector. 

I attended sessions on:

  • Solving problems in SUs
  • An Activities Quality Mark (something I'm looking to adopt) 
  • Student Development Theory
  • Tackling Lad Culture

Whilst quite honestly the sessions were vastly dissapointing. I found the whole event incredibly useful in networking and bouncing ideas off of other officers. 

Week 3: Summer Planning and Graduations
Week 3 I sat in on a few graduations. Myself and Societies Coordinator Jasmine also sat down to plan our goals for the Summer. 

Week 4: Sickness
Was mostly off work ill. Not ideal. 

Week 5: In The Office
Spent the week in the office. Mostly working on stuff to catch up from the weeks I've been off. I also spent Tuesday in interviews for a new Head of Student Opportunities! Which was exciting. 

I also set up some meetings to look at Storage Space, Alumni Memberships, RAG Week and more that is coming. 

This has all been a bit long and dull so far. Here is a puppy to keep you interested. 

What's next. Well August is a busy one. 

The Coming Month
Week 1: NUS Lead and Change

More NUS Training... 

Week 2: Kids Camp
The best week of the year. A residential of 14 volunteers and 14 children which allows the kids who are in desperate need of a break a bit of respite from their home life. 

Week 3: Objectives Setting
The sabb team will be going away to North Yorkshire to work on team objectives for the year. It will be externally facilitated and help us plan what is coming up. 

Week 4: RAG Conference
Myself and RAG Officer Hannah Geddes will be off to RAG Conference to meet other RAGs and plan for RAG next year. So very exciting!

Week 5: Holiday. 
Some time off. 

Give It A Go

I have a few other projects going on that I'll share more with you on when I'm back in a few weeks however I also want to let you know how things are going with my main manifesto point. 

Things are moving smoothly, the booklets are nearing completion and Matt our GIAG Student Intern is doing an incredible job with everything that is being thrown at him!

@GIAGYork is where you can keep up with everything that we are doing. We'll be showcasing trips, sessions from societies as well as ones from the University. I've seen the timetable and it looks so good. Please follow the Twitter!