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The New University Bus Services

Posted by Scott Dawson, 05/08/2015

University of York: Bus Changes and Routes:

Below you can find all information regarding the new bus services provided by the University and those that will be of use to students:

(1). 66 Service:

The 66 is the University’s new preferred bus service from the Heslington Campuses to the city center. It has replaced the 44 as the University endorsed public transport service. During the day, 9-10 buses will run per hour in term time and 4 per hour in vacation time. This service is run by First.

Single: £1.50
Return: £2

The 66 and 44 will provide a free campus hopper service between Heslington Campuses.

All Bus Drivers operating the 66 have been provided training the student ethos. They know not to leave a student behind, to be understanding of student issues and permit various items on board, such as drinks with lids.

An example of the route can be found below:

York Sport Village --> Ron Cooke Hub --> Heslington Hall --> Piccadilly -->Rail Station --> Nunnery Lane, Victoria Bar 

Students may purchase the “Yorkie Card” which is £17 for 20 trips on the 66 services. Additionally the card also works on the 56, HB1 and UB1. The “Yorkie Card” will not work on 44 Unibus services.

The 66 will also run from midnight until 7am hourly. Not only that, but if you pick up a return earlier in the day, your ticket can be used until 7am the following morning.

Students can invest in a card for £200 which lasts the entire academic Year, from arrival week until departure week. This card will work the 66, 56, HB1 and UB plus the First Bus services within the city center.

The precise timetable can be found here 

(2). 56 Service:

Single: £1.50
Return: £2

The 56 Is a new hourly service that runs in term time only that goes to Kings Manor, YSJ and Sainsbury's! The service will begin from the 21st September Monday to Fridays and the route is as follows.

 Heslington East --> Heslington Hall --> Boulevard --> Student Castle --> York, Piccadilly --> York, Station Road --> Kings Manor   --> St. John Uni --> Sainsbury’s Foss Bank --> York, Piccadilly -->Student Castle --> Hull Road, Boulevard --> Heslington Hall -->Heslington East

The precise timetable can be found here

(3). UB 1 Service:

The University Bus 1 is a free Shuttle Service around campus. Beginning at 8am from Halifax College, the single shuttle follows this route until it’s last stop, which is at 18.35 from the Student’s Union.

 Halifax College --> Student Union --> Heslington Hall --> Science Park --> Heslington East --> York Sport Village --> Field Lane --> Science Park --> Heslington Hall -->Halifax College

The precise timetable can be found here

(4). HB 1 Service:

The Hospital Bus Service is a once a day service Mondays to Fridays through the University through to York Hospital. The route and times are as follows:

 Wentworth Way --> Heslington Hall --> Heslington East -->Tang Hall Lane --> York Hospital

The precise timetable can be found here

(5). CB 1 Service:

Single:  £1.50

The Clubbers Bus Service is running again this year as usual.

The Pick up times are: 2am, 3am and 3:45am.

The service will pick up from Rougier Street and Clifford Street. Before traveling to.

Thief Lane --> Fairfax House --> The University of York --> Heslington East --> Heslington --> Broadway --> Fulford Road --> Nunnery Lane

The precise timetable can be found here

(6). The Study Shuttle Bus:

Single: £1.50

The Study Shuttle Bus is a new nightly bus service running to and from the Library throughout peak exam periods.

It will run from:

- Monday 4th January until Saturday 9th January
- Monday 2nd May until Saturday 28th May

The Route is as follows:

 Library --> Green Dykes Lane --> Melrosegate --> Tang Hall Lane --> Heslington East Interchange --> Heslington East (school) --> Halifax College --> Broadway --> Fulford Road --> Mecca Bingo --> Heslington Road --> Library

(7). 44 Bus Service:

Price: £1.50 single
            £2 return

The 44 Unibus continues to run through the Heslington Campuses. However it is no longer the official university bus service, that is now the 66. Its route to Heslington East is slightly altered: it now runs from Heslington Hall to Heslington East Interchange.

During the day, 6 buses will run per hour in term time and 4 per hour in vacation time. Transdev runs this service. The Unitripper Cards can only be used on the 44 Unibus services and not 66 services.

The service will run in a fashion similar to that found below:

Acomb Green Lane --> Holly Bank Hamilton Drive --> Nunnery Lane --> York Station --> York Rougier Street --> York Piccadilly --> University Heslington Hall --> Heslington East Interchange

The precise timetable can be found here

(8). 4 Service:

The 4 service, which previously served the Heslington campuses, now runs from Heslington East to the train station via Osbaldwick and Tang Hall. It replaces the number 6 service, which previously had the same route.

An example of the route is found below:

University Hes. East Interchange --> Osbaldwick Playing Fields -->Tang Hall Alcuin Avenue --> Fourth Avenue Shops --> York Stonebow --> York Rougier Street --> York Station --> Dringhouses Church --> Foxwood Lane Shops --> Cornlands Road Energise --> Acomb Greeen Lane

The precise timetable can be found here

 A general map of all first bus routes within York can be found here