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Pay as you go exists at the Hes West Gym!

Posted by Scott Dawson, 07/08/2015

That's right, as one of manifesto promises I said that I would set up a pay as you gym membership in at least one of the University gyms. Well, I am pleased to say that it does indeed exist, but it has until now not been promoted!

You can pay £6 to use the Hes West gym facility at any point throughout the year! Thus if you wish to de-stress or get out of the library for an hour and that is really the only time you'd use the facilities, I'm happy to say that you can do just that.

However, whilst this is very positive news, I will still be working to see if we can provide cheaper and more interactive ways to engage in physical health.

York Active is one such example:

The scheme will offer incredibly cheap or free sports sessions throughout the year for students. I will always be highlighting these events so that you know what is on offer.

Additionally I have already had a couple of meetings looking into how we can bring 'sports to you' schemes in and outside the library. Not only that but I am still pushing for cheaper pay as you go sessions at the peak of stressful moments in term time.

I have also began a conversation with local retailers to see what the options are to provide free healthy food stalls around campus.

I hope this has been informative for you and as always, if you have any questions, just get in touch. Have a great friday all!