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Welfare and Community Update: 1st August to 31st August

Posted by Scott Dawson, 17/08/2015

Yay for another Welfare and Community update!
At 9am on a Monday morning no less, how wonderful...

So it has been a little since I last sat down to chat about what I've been up to. In all honesty this has been due to a mixture of sudden policy success, creating new objectives and the reality being that early August really is the dead time of the yearly role.

However, with that said, freshers hype is already starting up again and it's this moment which is perfect to inform you all of my plans before we really get thrown into things! 

1. What has been done so far this August (1st-16th):

  • Clarification of the student bus routes:  
    As silly as this may seem, I spent 8-9 hours creating a clear timetable of all the student public transport services. This was because many people (including myself) were super confused about the changes. I had an informative meeting with Fiona Masey, transport co-ordinator for the University, and used the info provided to create this blog post with every little detail for your enjoyment! 

    In case you haven't seen it already, you can check out the bus blog here.
  • Pay as you GYM membership is in place at the Hes West GYM (and will now be permantly promoted):

    Now this is a confusing one. A key manifesto pledge of mine was that we needed to bring in a pay as you go GYM membership. Turns out, it has existed all along at the Hes West GYM at £6 a pop. What was interesting is how myself and the previous 2/3 welfare officers ran on a pay as you go pledge but next to no-one knew this scheme was already ran. 

    A bit more digging revealed that the Sports Facilities didn't really promote the scheme, not on their site and not on their pamphlets. Due to this, a discussion was had to ensure that in future, this option for students who simply want to use the GYM facility for de-stress can be made fully aware of that choice. 

    I will not be taking this as a 'win' despite being a manifesto pledge as, well, it's already done! However, please ensure that you do use that facility for pay as you go if you wish to. Additionally I will be working with York Active to continue to promote healthy living throughout the year. Happy gyming! 
  • Bringing together key elements of the mental health campaign:

    A work in progress, but I have began bringing together the key parts for our YUSU mental health campaign, planned for week 5-8 of Winter Term. I have spoke to most of the Liberation Networks and Colleges, and currently have penciled in meetings with other groups, such as the student support services and the GSA. It's all looking very promising, more details will follow as we get closer to term starting. 

    2. Update on Welfare Summer Projects: 
  • Nightsafe SickBus: Confirmed for all of Freshers Week (27th Sept - 2nd Oct) and Viking Raid (8th Oct). 
  • Building Plans for Nightline: No major progress has been made on this front as I am waiting for conversations to start within University administration. In the mean time, I am starting to help finish a 'service level agreement' between YUSU and Nightline. I am waiting on confirmation from other YUSU staff and hopefully this will be sorted over the next 2 weeks. 
  •  Welfare Master List: Initial work did start on this project. However it became clear that rather than attempting to highlight every possible contact, it was better to clarify lines of 'welfare support' for students, rather than list everything.

    The Student Support Services already provide a great summary of where to go for support (Their services, YUSU, Academic Supervisors, College Teams etc..) and as such, I will be using this to clarify sources of welfare support for students as we move into term time.

  • Hot Water Tap in the Library: Really positive news here. I have had meetings with the facilities team within the Library and it seems that they are very much behind the idea of a Hoter Water Tap for student provisions (tea, etc). Location etc have been confirmed, however the item still need vindication from all branches of the library team. I have been told to expect an update by the end of August. Hopefully this news will be positive!
  • Branching out to the local community: An on-going scheme for sure, but I have already sat on the Hull Road Ward group, which represents all groups within the Hull Road area. I am also finalising a meeting with local resident members for a meeting with the Registrar of the University, David Duncan, at the end of August. 

    On top of this the YUSU Sabb team are working with Higher York to improve the information provided to students regarding their responsibility as a York resident with regards to meeting their Neighbors, taking out rubbish, etc... 
  • STYC/JCRC/CSA Training: Involved in a meeting regarding STYC training at the end of this week. Having a further JCRC/CSA training meeting today (17th August). 

    As a final side note: I will also be working on a project dealing with homophobia in sport. This a personal project which will most likely not see daylight until the Spring term. But we will see. 


    Hope this is of use as always. Hopefully my next update will be done through videos (as Ben and Grace are already doing) but with a bit of extra spice for good measure. :D 

    Finally, have a chilled morning tune to start your week: