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Course Rep elections are Open

Posted by Thomas Ron, 24/09/2015

Hello all,

I recently published a blog about the importance of Department Reps.  Consider this a follow-up discussing the importance of Course Reps.

Course Reps are elected positions who are supposed to represent a section of a Department (e.g. 1st year Sociology) and sit on the Board of Studies.  They are supposed to communicate with students and ensure that the department is the best place possible for students.

As a position it provides a vital bridge of communication between students and academics and has been responsible for many changes.  For example, in 2013 Health Sciences Course Reps managed to group together and sucessfully lobby the university against closing down the place that became The Kitchen at Alcuin and turned it into the very successful area that it is now. 

This year is a year of great change for the university but it cannot happen without Course Reps making those changes on the departmental level, sitting in those boards of studies, and holding their Academics to account.

Therefore, to any student who wants to see change, to any student who wants to make their university a better place, step up to the plate and run.  Nominate yourself now at and run for a Course Rep position.  Nominations close on the 9th of October so let's get going