University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Getting The Most Out of Freshers Fair #2

Posted by Christopher Wall, 29/09/2015

1. Chat!

You’re going to want to talk to the people who are running everything as you may discover a passion for something you didn’t even know exsisted.

2. Sign Up For Stuff

Make sure you stick your name on the mailing list that most groups provide and check your inbox for what’s going on each week.

3. Take Some Cash

Most of the stuff you’ll look at will require some cash. Make sure you have some so you can join up and become a fully fledged member. At least £10 to join a couple of societies and a bit more if you’re looking at sports clubs.

4. Note The Free Sessions

Most groups run a free taster session. So take a pen and paper to note down all the ones you’re interested in and see which you can get along to. Then when you’re back to your room, go through and work out how you can fit them in with the rest of your stuff.

5. Discounts

Make sure you go to the Physics building to meet some of the businesses of York who will be giving out discounts and freebies that will help you throughout the year.

6. Free Pizza

There will be free pizza from Domino’s. All over. Just… free pizza. Have some. They’ll be plenty of other free food samples around too!

7. Sports

Head over to the Sports Centre in James College to have a look at which sports we have available. Whether you’ve played before or not, there’s something for you. From the mainstream like football, to the weird and wonderful such as octopush (which is basically underwater hockey.)

8. Uni stalls

Find out all about the University services downstairs in Central Hall. You’ll never know when they’ll come in handy. There’s plenty to learn about the library, careers and more. They’ll also be giving away more free stuff.

9. Get Event Wristbands

In the Roger Kirk Centre in James College, you will be able to collect your wristbands for The Big Top (which takes place later that day!). Make sure you print off your e-ticket and bring it along with you as you make your way round the fair.

10. Explore

We’ll have a one way system in place so you don’t miss anything and you don’t get crammed in or stuck trying to move around. Try and visit all the venues round campus- this is your chance to see different parts of campus and learn more about York and what you can make of your time here.

Make sure you take your time as you never know where the next few years will take you. We will be publishing campus maps and detailed floor plans of each venue soon to help you plan your day!