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Why you should go to a Careers Fair

Posted by Thomas Ron, 05/10/2015

Hi everyone,

Hope freshers week was fun and we are recovering from the bouts of freshers flu that plague campus (I am certainly a bit hoarse and coughy today). 

Anyway, over the next couple weeks we are going to have one of the absolute staple events in York...our CAREERS FAIRS.  Every year Careers brings employers to come in and have stalls in our university.  These employers are some of the highest sought-after employers in the country and are here to tell you about their employment criteria.  You can find more details about the employers here:

The first of these fairs is the Techonolgy Fair.  It is held in the Exhibition Centre on the 14th of October (next Wednesday).  It will be going on from 11-3 and will have a host of employers in the technology sector for those of us who wish to follow that career path.  Those of you on Science Courses may be particularly interested in this.  The link is here:

The second one is the Graduate Recruitment and Research Fair.  This one has companies like Barclay's, HSBC, Deloitte, L'Oreal, and Teach First.  They offer great jobs for students who are interested in management.  It is also in the exhbition centre on the 15th of October (next Thursday) at the same times.  You have the opportunity to find jobs in these areas and the people there are very friendly.  The link to the event is here:

The final one is the Law Fair.  This one is in the Ron Cooke Hub on the 21st of October (two Wednesdays from now) between noon and 3.  As the name implies there are plenty of Law Firms, like Freshfields, Allen & Overy, and Eversheds.  These firms are leaders in their areas and are there to speak to students who may be interested in jobs in their firms.  Worth any budding young lawyers going.  Event link here:

Many of you may think Careers fairs are for third years only.  However, they are not.  These companies are looking to hire interns and provide work experience over the summer.  This work experience is vital to students who wish to find career options.  It has been said time and again that work experience counts, and what you do with your summers matters.  Therefore, finding the internships you want will be a major step in the right direction.  Many student graduates find the job of their dreams at companies they intern for.  However, most of these jobs are filled by Christmas, so the earlier you apply the better it will be to find the best internship for you, the easier it will be to boost your CV, and the stronger you will look leaving university