University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Department Reps and The Way Forward

Posted by Thomas Ron, 23/10/2015

Hi all,

So if any of you were remotely connected to Facebook over the last week you will notice that I was promoting Course and Department Reps and hoping for people to run for these positions and to at least reach the numbers of last year.  I am delighted to say that not only did we reach those numbers, we exceeded them beyond our wildest dreams.

We got more than 100 more people running for Course Rep this year than we did last year, breaking the 300 person record and more than exceeding it.  More people ran for more positions than any other time that Course Reps have ever existed.  This is momentous news and I look forward to meeting all Course Reps as we train them over the next week before sending them to their Boards of Study and into the role of representing students.

Additionally, we had more than 40 people stand for Department Rep and for the first time ever we have Department Reps in ALL departments.  This has never happened before and I am very excited at the year we have ahead of us with what looks like a great team of committed people.  These Reps are as follows
Archaeology: Cait Scott
Biology: Peter Smith
Chemistry: Holly Clarke
Computer Science: Frances Perrett (who is also taking on the role of Interim Faculty Rep for Sciences)
Economics: Valentina Vivirito
Education: Joshua Stubbs
Electronics: Nathanael Young
English: Scott Saunders
Environment: Sophie Snowdon
Health Sciences: Sorrel Needle
History: Lucy Thompstone
History of Art: Marina Lewis (who is also taking on role of Interim Faculty Rep for Arts and Humanities)
HYMS: Edward Miller
Language and Linguistics: Yuk [Brian] Cheng
Law: Lydia Bonnefoy-Jenkinson
Management: David McDowell
Mathematics: Charlotte Alford
Music: Mimi O'Neill
Natural Sciences: Jonathan Miller
Philosophy: Dom Smithies
Physics: Charlie Woodriff
Politics: Mathieu Lohr
PEP: Selina Pope
Psychology: Mayowa Ogunremi
Social Policy and Social Work: Ellen Thomas (who is also taking on the role of Interim Faculty Rep for Social Sciences)
SPS: Matt Hodges
Sociology: Robin Cleary
TFTV: Jay Edevane

Our main priorities are seeing a mass rollout of lecture capture, helping the university improve its assessment and feedback scores, ensure supervisors are provding the best service for all students, improve engagment between departments and Academic Societies, as well as ensuring the univeristy is making us employable and giving us a diverse education.

It is going to be a great year for us and please get in touch with us so we can make your experience even better.