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An Exciting New Project!

Posted by Benjamin Leatham, 28/10/2015

Helloooo everybody! 

One of my main projects this year is to get an online Student Marketing Hub (for want of a better name) up and running! But before we begin development I want to get feedback from you all! Here is the idea:

An online website that would:

  1. Allow students with hireable skills to advertise themselves. E.g. Photographers, graphic designers, web designers etc. Students would be able to advertise their cost of hire, display links to previous examples of work and provide contact details.
  2. Allow student groups on campus to advertise the hireable equipment they own. E.g. on a cross campus scale.
  3. Allow student enterprises to advertise themselves E.g. Alpha Juices, Zentry etc.
  4. Allow students or student groups involved in entertainment to advertise themselves. E.g. DJs, bands, magicians, jugglers etc. They would be able to advertise their cost of hire, outline previous events worked and provide contact details.
  5. Outline all training and workshop opportunities available on campus. E.g. Health and safety training, barista training etc.
  6. Have a space for students to post messages asking for specific equipment / skills required.

Here is a terrible mock up webpage I designed on paint...

But I want your feedback! Email me at or drop me a message on Facebook :)