University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


The Attacks in Paris

Posted by Benjamin Leatham, 14/11/2015

I am sat here struggling to write some sort of response to the devastating events that have taken place in Paris. At least 120 people have been killed in the largest terror attack to hit Europe in over a decade. Everyone is shocked. 

The principle of tolerance underpins the society we live in. Regardless of background, regardless of belief system, regardless of ethnicity, we are all ultimately human. Our differences and our diversity is something we must cherish and embrace. What has occurred in France is a direct attack on this principle of tolerance, a direct attack on the freedom we are so lucky to have. The aim is to divide us, to increase hate and increase prejudice. The opposite must happen. We stand together, tall and strong. We stand together as a student body, as a University, as a society. We link arms and we stand together to send the message that our values are unshaken, that we will continue to fight prejudice at ever opportunity, that we are united. 

My thoughts go out to everyone in Paris and everyone affected by this attack. We stand with you.