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Referendum Result - "Should YUSU support free education?"

Posted by Benjamin Leatham, 30/11/2015

Last week saw a referendum being debated and voted upon, the question of “Should YUSU support free education?”.

For Some Background Information On the Process Leading to Referendum;

Here’s my blog announcing the referendum.

And here’s our Policy Coordinator Callum’s blog detailing the decision to go to referendum.

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What does a Referendum mean for students?

A Referendum is where students can set the policy which YUSU Officers and staff act on. Referenda are held at least twice a year and give all students a chance to choose YUSU's priorities and beliefs as a Union, which  then gets turned into the change students want. All of the ideas need at least 5% of students at York to vote (making quorum currently 903 students), so that we know it's an issue students are interested in discussing and voting on.

The Idea  “Should YUSU support free education?” was voted on by 695 students, and so failed to reach quorum.

Votes were as follows;

Yes: 477

No: 201

Abstain: 17

Though there is a fairly clear preference in regards to the motion, because the number of votes needed to meet quorum was not met this means that the motion will not become active policy of the union.