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What is Well-being and Community up to this Christmas?

Posted by Scott Dawson, 08/12/2015

Hey everyone! 

I hope you all had a wonderful first term, that you survived this round of essays and are now looking forward to a chilled holiday season. 

Here at YUSU though things are still ticking on, with the majority of the Sabbs being in the office until the 21st December or slightly later. As things are a bit quiter, there are a few key projects we are all focusing on as when we come back we really will be hitting the ground running in Janurary!

So, I hear you ask in obvious overwhelming excitment, what is the Community and Well-being officer up to then? 

  1. Housing Workshops: 

    This is something that came out of my experience at NUS local. YUSU needs to be doing more to help students be prepared for viewing houses. Specifically, ensuring that you feel confident to go around house, be clear of your rights and where the usual traps may be when viewing houses. 

    Ideally these will run from weeks 2-4, with details, event pages,  etc hopefully coming soon. Watch this space.
  2. We need a plan of action for working with off-campus Private Halls:

    This is one that has picked up steam for some time. It's becoming more and more apparent year by year that, as more of our students look to stay in preimium accomodation outside of campus we are dealing with rising problems with isolation and lack of UoY identity. 

    Currently our plan is to come up with a clear way to engage these students, be it simply setting up shop in the reception areas of these halls to chat to students as they come by. Or a more complex system of getting colleges to take a larger role in engaging with our student body in these halls, we aren't too sure yet. 

    All we know is that we have disengaged and isolated students and this cannot be allowed to continue. Over the next two weeks I'll be working with the University and YUSU staff to work out how best we can, from New Year onwards meet these students and how we can help them feel more connected to the York University community. 

    Focus areas are:  The Boulevard, Foss Studios and Student Castle. 

  3. On campus accommodation costs: 

    This is another topic which needs a more clear and decisive strategy from myself and YUSU. The gradual rising prices of all on campus accommodation is having an eroding effect on the student body, as many are feeling the pinch, now more than ever. 

    I am meeting one of the heads of accommodation services this Thursday 10th December to get a clear outline of the approach the University takes on the matter. From there we will come up with an approach according to the severity of the situation. Currently it may well vary from a few talks with University staff all the way up to looking at some large scale proactive campaigning. We will see where this goals and take it from there. 
  4. Unity Health:

    We seem to be in a position now where Unity Health are looking to increase provisions into the New Year. However nothing has been confirmed as of yet. I am having a meeting with  the staff at Unity on the 18th December to confirm plans and also to create a plan of action for clarity of our support services into the New Year. 
  5. Housing Fair:

    On the 20th Janurary 2016 we will be holding our YUSU Housing Fair in partnership with the University. The event will included several landlords, letting agents, off campus halls and student businesses. I am working with our marketing team to get the promotional material done and the final events booked. 

    All the promo for that can be expected on the day we start term, Janurary 4th. 
  6. Job Scheme Work:

    Whilst this is only a small blurb update, it's just to let you all know that I'll be cracking on with my Job scheme plans. This will be taking shape in the form of reassessing all internal jobs that we provide within the Student Union. We have to get our own affairs in order first!

    I'm hoping to have made significant progress on this as to be able to make a larger update on the matter come mid-January (week 3-4).
  7. Increasing our Sabb profiles to make our remits more open:

    Something that I'm pretty passionate about is Democracy (you know, due to that representation thing). Due to that I've been pushing to see if we can expand our Sabb profiles and make more clear what meetings we attend, what we have achieved and where we have missed the mark.

    I've currently got all the Sabb profiles together in one document and I am now getting a couple of meetings sorted with our I.T staff to ensure we can get this placed up on the Website as soon as possible. 
  8. Consent Campaign:

    Ben, myself, our Democracy and Representation Team and our Liberation Networks will be working together in the near future to see what can be done with regards to a Consent Campaign which would build on the lad culture campaign undertaken by the previous Sabb team.

    No major work has been done so far, but Ben and myself will be having initial meeting with YUSU staff this Friday, from which we will feed out to our liberation networks. 
  9. General Stuff:

    Not a fun title, but there is a few small scale things that I just want to get planned and put in place for next term. A little sample of this includes:

    - More healthy food drops during exam time. 
    - Working with RAG on Blue Monday in Janurary.
    - Working with our Marketing Team to get some work going on a Careers Talk.
    -  Planning more workshops with the Open Door Team.
    - Working out if we can implement Community Reps! (Exciting!!) 


And with that, have a great holiday all, and I shall see you in Janurary.  :D