University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


How I Voted at NUS National Conference 2016

Posted by Benjamin Leatham, 25/04/2016

Find the final proposed motions HERE


NUS President and Vice-President Vote:

National President: Megan Dunn 

VP Higher Education: Priscilla Mensah

VP Society and Citizenship: Chloe Schendel-Wilson

VP Union Development: Richard Brooks 

VP Welfare: Munya Mudarikiri


1. Priority Zone:

Motion 101: For

101a: For 

101b: For 

101d: Against


2. Higher Education Zone: 

Report: Higher Education: For 

Report Further Education: For


Motion 201: For

Motion 201a: Withdrawn 

Motion 201b: Against 

Motion 201c: For 

Motion 201d:  Abstain 

Motion 201e:  For

Motion 202: For

Motion 202a:  For

Motion 203: For

Motion 204: For

Motion 205: For

Motion 205a: For 

Motion 206: For

Vote for extension of the Education Zone: Against. 

Submit Remaining Motions to NEC: For


3. Union Development Zone:

Report Union Development: For


Point of order 378b: Against.

Motion 301: For

Motion 301a: For

Motion 301b: For

Motion 302: For 

Motion 302a: Against  

Motion 303: For  -  I wrote a blog explaining this decision here

Motion 304: For

Motion 304a: For

Motion 305: For

Motion 306: For

Motion 307: For

Motion 308: For

Motion 309: For 

Motion 310: For

Motion 311: For

Motion 311a: For

Motion 312: For

Motion 313: For

Motion 314: For 

Motion 315:  For

Motion 316: For

Further believes (316) 1 & 3: For 


4. Welfare Zone:

Report Welfare Zone: For


Motion 401:  For 

Motion 401a: For

Motion 402:  For

Motion 402a: For

Motion 403: For

Motion 404: For

Motion 404a: For 

Motion 405: For 

Motion 406: For 

Motion 406a: For 

Motion 406b: For 

Motion 407: For

Motion 408: For 

Motion 409: For 

Motion 410:  For 

Motion 411: Abstain 

Parts regarding removal of Resolves 1: Against 

Parts regarding removal of Resolves 3: For 

Vote to not extend guillotine: Against

All remaining notions passed to NEC:  For


5. Society and Citizenship Zone: 

Vote of censure on the VP Soc Sit: Abstain 

Report for Citizenship: For


Motion 501: For

Motion 502: For

Motion 502c:  Not present for vote 

Parts believes 2: Against 

Parts further believes 4: Against 

Motion 503: For 

Motion 504: For

Motion 504a: For 

Motion 504b: For 

Motion 505: For

Motion 505a: For

Motion 506: For

Motion 507: For

Motion 507a: For

Motion 508: Abstain 

Motion 509: For 

Motion 510: Not present for vote

Motion of no confidence in the chair: Against 

Motion 511: For 

Motion 511a: Abstain 

Motion 511b: For  

Motion 511c: For

All AGM Reports: For


6. Rules Revision: 

Motion 601: For

Motion 602: For

Motion 603: For

Motion 604: For

Motion 605: For 

Motion 606: For 

Motion 607: For 

Motion 608: For 

Motion 609: For