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December 2016

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November 2016

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October 2016

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September 2016

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August 2016

I got that summertime, summertime sabbness

July 2016

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June 2016

NUS Referendum - What's Next?
YUSU apologises
Making the most of the National Living Wage
30th birthday for YUSU Volunteering project, Tea and Coffee club!
Statement on NUS Referendum
YUSU NUS Referendum Results & Report
NUS Benefits Statement

May 2016

EU Referendum - What are we doing to raise awareness?
NUS Referendum
Nouse Comment Piece on HE Reforms
Walmgate Stray Lighting - RESULT
Summer Storage for Students
EU Referendum - #EUdecide
The Approval Process for Student Media and the Article "Are You Oppressed Enough?"
Student Mental Ill-Health Task Group Report
Policy Consultation Term 3

April 2016

Department Rep Applications Are Open...You Should Apply
How I voted at NUS Conference
Harassment on Campus - What are we doing about it?
How I Voted at NUS National Conference 2016
Motion 303: Safe Social Elections
How I Voted at NUS National Conference 2016
ISA Elections
AGM & Student Trustee Elections
The Excellence Awards are Here

March 2016

The Love York Awards
The National Mental Health Crisis - What are we doing about it?
VC Teaching Awards - Recommend your lecturers
International Women's Day
Love York Awards and Academic Representative(s) of the Year
NUS National Conference and Motions Submitted
Statement on Front of House Review

February 2016

The Library Wants Your Feedback
The New Unity Health Kimberlow Hill Surgery!
Social Media Bullying and Harrassment
YUSU Elections & Yik Yak
Manifesto Update 2 of the Week
Manifesto Update 1 of the Week - Website
PRG Statement on Motion of No Confidence
Blackbullion - Financial Support for Students
5p Bag Charge
EMF (Event Management Form) Developments

January 2016

@Work and Why it is Awesome
Illegal Taxis in York
Refugee Week, the delicious bit at the end of the Cornetto.
An Open Letter to Myself from the University about Campus Bus Servic
The Terror Attack at Bacha Khan University
Why the NSS matters and you should do it
Week 2: The Term Continues
LGBTQ Network: No-platforming
PRG Meeting - Feedback from Policy Ideas
Today I Stand in Solidarity with the Junior Doctor's Strike
Solidarity with NHS Workers
Refugee Week
Snap back to reality. Oh, there goes gravity.
New Term New Goals