University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

derwent college

Derwent college is a wide community, and we pride ourselves on our college spirit. Being at the heart of the Heslington campus has huge benefits; whether it's the 30 second walk from bed to breakfast, or from the politics seminar to playing football on the lawns. Fundamentally, Derwent is a lively, social college. You’ll quickly realise what that means in Freshers Week! Although renowned for its social events, what sets Derwent apart is the abundance of enthusiasm that you’ll come across for just about everything. Whatever your passions or interests, there will be a group of students ready to share some new experiences, and perhaps start a new college legacy. Derwent is truly inclusive and, with such an open and friendly atmosphere, you'll quickly make a load of friends!

Our college sports are not only highly successful - we won the overall college cup this year, but also welcome all abilities. Derwent always have a good turn out and a strong supporting side at inter-college matches. Derwent AFC is the biggest college sports club on campus, and like the other teams has regular socials and dinners. If you fancy something more relaxing in summer, get involved with the rounders team. There is absolutely something for everyone!

There are loads of other areas to get involved with too in terms of volunteering and RAG. We have two college charities set up by alumni: Lauriston Lights and the Karen Hilltribes Trust, both of which have volunteering opportunities for students in them. Derwent students have also raised significant amounts of money for the NSPCC and Worldwide Cancer Research through their efforts in running marathons. Each year we travel to somewhere in Europe, and if you don’t fancy actually running then supporters are more than welcome!

This year Xenia became our first ratified college society, which is a women focused (but not exclusive!) group with three key goals; personal development of the members, global awareness of gender issues and networking opportunities.

Finally, Derwent is most well known for its events; whether they be the twice termly Club D, formals, or the massive end of exams blowout - Big D! The majority are put on by the JCRC, which is voted in by the college each Autumn, so if you have some big ideas for what you want to see then get on it! We are also very fortunate to have a huge sound system and lighting rig, which enables students to put on their own nights in college.

Whatever your interests are, you’ll find something fantastic to get involved with in Derwent. We’ve got the best community spirit, and the most going on!