University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Goodricke is one of York’s oldest colleges founded in 1968 and named after the deaf and dumb physicist from York, John Goodricke. John Goodricke overcame his disabilities to succeed and it is this pioneering spirit that lives on in Goodricke, it was this spirit that meant we were fortunate enough to be the first college to move over to the Heslington East development.

We are now blessed with some of the best facilities on campus in purpose-built accommodation on the new development built for the 21st century, just minutes away from Heslington West on one of the regular free buses or a nice or cycle up the infamous ‘Yellow Brick Road’. The college houses three courts of accommodation; Kenneth Dixon, Oliver Sheldon and Janet Baker Courts as well as The Nucleus housing both common rooms, both equipped with the latest technology, the laundry, a kitchen for events, the post room and office space for the college Provost, Administrator, Porters, Maintenance staff and Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC).

But it is much more than the buildings that define Goodricke College, if you join Goodricke you normally remain part of the college for the rest of your life, looked after by one of the common rooms providing loads of opportunities to get involved in college life. As an undergraduate you automatically become part of the Goodricke Junior Common Room (JCR) and the JCR Committee organise a huge amount of events and initiatives to make sure everyone gets a chance to get involved, be it during the student-run Goodricke Freshers Week or at any other point throughout the year with weekly free food events, nights out, movie nights and loads more, if you want something the committee will do it. Make sure you don’t miss out on Goodricke’s annual free festival in the summer term, Goodfest, this year we had around 700 people come along to see the likes of Benjamin Francis Leftwich play as well as a host of campus bands and other activities.

It’s not all about doing things though, you are after all coming to uni to get a degree, scary I know! This is why Goodricke offers unparalleled student support, as recognised in the 2011 National Student Satisfaction Survey. The college has 3 court tutors who live in college and offer a first point of contact if you find things aren’t going quite as planned, we also have a wonderful and wide scope of support staff, right the way from Jane Clarbour, our Provost, to the cleaning team as well as student welfare officers to offer student-student support.

Whatever your looking to get out of your time at York, Goodricke has it.