University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


James College celebrates the diversity of it students and offers a wide range of opportunities for them to meet new people and try new experiences. Build around landscaped quads with lakeside views, the college has a number of common rooms, a huge dining hall and its own cocktail bar.

The college boasts a wide range of sports teams and other activity groups, and is always looking for new initiatives to support. James is a genuinely student-run community; our students have a say on everything, from voting for their very first Freshers event to deciding what the college invests in each year. Our JCRC are our student leaders, and they work very closely with the College Staff to make sure there's something on offer for everyone in James.

In James, we like nothing better than the chance to come together and celebrate. Our annual Christmas Formal is the biggest of any college, regularly attracting over 500 attendees, and we always round off the year with our famous Quad Bash; in addition, whenever there's a glimmer of sunshine, we light up the barbecues and head into the quads for some open-air study (with maybe a bit of partying on the side :p)

We like our students to feel welcome and supported, but also for them to take risks and challenge themselves. In the past few years, we've brought a bungee jump to campus, sponsored students to attend summer schools in Hong Kong, started a foreign language film club and run countless trips around the country, in particular into the lovely North Yorkshire countryside.

We like to think that we offer a fun, friendly and supportive home for all our students, whether you live on campus or not. All our members have access to our common rooms and facilities throughout the day, so there's always somewhere to go to study, socialise or have something to eat and drink, and we have lockers for our off-campus students to store their stuff. Our central location and range of spaces mean we're a very popular place to spend time between lectures or during the evening.

In short; we try hard to offer something for everyone, and if we're not offering what you want, then we'll help you to set it up yourself :-)