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Langwith is one of York’s oldest colleges, and our spirit and traditions set us apart from the rest. We’ve got a reputation for being loud and proud, and our legendary social scene is complimented with a caring, family atmosphere. We’re fiercely loyal, we look after our own, and we’re not afraid to give our rivals (Derwent) what for!

In 2012 we moved from our old buildings on Heslington West to brand new accommodation on the Heslington East campus. Just ten minutes from Hes West, our luxury flats and houses sit on the edge of some beautiful Yorkshire countryside. With 650 on-campus students, we’re big enough to have a great mix of people, but small enough so you don’t feel like a stranger in your own college!

As a college, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. The Glasshouse Bar is at the heart of Langwith and is home to great drink, great food, and the start of some great nights. Our bar crawls, club nights, formals, and overseas trips are all part of our famous social scene, and we’ve recently started our own chilled-out summer festival, the Langwith Summer Day. Throw in our sports teams, volunteering projects, and unique college clubs and you’ll find there really is something for everyone.

We’re also proud to be one of the closest-knit colleges on campus. Our traditions include the termly Langwith Lollop (a bracing walk in the Yorkshire countryside) and our famous free food Thursdays. We’ve got a great mix of home and international students, and our tutors and welfare team are always looking out to make sure your time at uni is safe, enjoyable and memorable.

Talk to any of us and it’ll be clear how proud we are to be from Langwith. We’re ready to welcome you, so come on, be a part of Langwith, you won't regret it 'cause you'll be "Langwith 'till you die!"

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