University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Ask any Vanbrugh student and they’ll tell you, loud and proud, that Vanbrugh is not only central to our university geographically, but central to campus life as a whole.

The central location offers easy access to everything on West campus – including the library, Market Square, the Sports Centre and of course all of the lecture theatres and departments. Vanbrugh is also the closest college to York itself, being about a 20-25 minute walk away from the centre (or a cheap bus or taxi fare).

Traditionally marketed as a music college, Vanbrugh now has an excellent reputation in many areas. The only college to offer free sports to its members, it has performed increasingly well and now regularly challenges for top places in most sports. College events are also highly regarded, with a diverse range of quality events from the typical club nights to its unique and fun welfare and RAG events. Of course Vanbrugh still prides itself on its music, being the only college to employ a ‘rock tutor’ and have its own practice space, recording studio, instrument lending library and resident choirs. Vanbrugh is also host to BandSoc, University Radio York and DramaSoc.

Another tidy attribute to the college must surely be the much adored V-Bar; one of the few remaining bars on campus and so, the envy of other colleges. The place provides a welcoming meeting point for many of our students, and is often the starting or finishing point to many socials and gatherings of students from all over campus due to its central location.

The college offers a wide range of halls for its students to choose from; the Le Page Court and Eric Milner-White blocks offer a cheaper choice to residents, but often deliver a more vibrant and busy atmosphere. Slightly off-campus and on the way into town too, we have the Victorian, and quite unique, Fairfax House with its large gardens and homely feel. Finally the Barbara Scott and Donald Barron Court blocks offer a more pricey, but perhaps more comfortable living; with their large kitchens and en-suite bedrooms.

This variety and mix of halls is quite reflective of our student populace as a whole, and what’s more, rather than our identity be clouded by the variety of halls and students, Vanbrugh is renowned for its college spirit and presence across campus. Of course Vanbrughs love their college and believe it to be irrefutably the best – but you would have a tough time to find anyone who wouldn’t rate Vanbrugh as one of the best colleges here at York.

Choose Vanbrugh College for a central location, a fantastic atmosphere and the amazing opportunities that go with it.