University of York Students' Union (YUSU)


Societies are fun and enjoyable way to make friends at university. York has close to 200 societies to choose from and if there isn't something for you, starting your own society is easy!

Another massive positive to getting involved with societies is that employers look for evidence of skills gained outside your course, and societies are a great way to develop those skills. Whether you planned it or not, the experience you've gained from getting involved in YUSU activities will stand you in good stead for the future.

Societies A-Z

At York we have over 170 of the best student societies in the UK. From national award winning media societies, fantastic performance societies to a wide variety of specialist societies. So whether you want to get creative, political or just about anything else, we have something for you at YUSU.


Joining a YUSU society is a great way of meeting like-minded people, a chance to learn new skills, and an opportunity to work hard at developing something that you and your friends care about.

How can I join a Society?

At Freshers' Fair
Freshers' Fair is the best place to check out 
all the societies we have and see what they 
are all about. You can join up to all the societies here as well, so don't forget to head on to campus on Saturday 4th October.

You can join all societies online by selecting 
the 'Join Online' button below.


Join Online


*Applications for new societies will open on Monday 11th April and will close on Friday 22nd April at 12pm*




How Societies get ratified

  • Societies get ratified by societies committee 3 times a year.
  • Societies committee is made up of 8 students that have been elected.
  • Societies committee allocate funding, support and coordinate the work of ratified student societies, resolve disputes and explore opportunities for societies to collaborate on large-scale events in the interests of the membership.
  • To start a society or to get an existing society ratified you need to meet certain criteria, detailed in the guide included above on this page. If these criteria aren’t met it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the journey. You will be entitled to meet with the activities officer to explore your options on how to proceed.


Everything you need to know about running a society can be found in the resource hub. It is a 24/7 resource that has information on room bookings, finance and more. It should be your first stop to see if you can find the information you need.




If you have any questions email Jasmine, Societies Coordinator on

Here are the quick links to those forms you have to get to all the time. NOTE: Some of these 
require you to be on campus or to be accessing campus through a VPN.

Please use the guides if you have issues with the links and if you can’t find the information in them only then contact Jasmine.

Events Management Form - How To Use Guide

Planon (Booking Rooms) - How to Use Guide

Off Campus Events Form

Meet the Committee


Student Activities Officer
Chris Wall

Academic & Careers Representative
Kevin Claxton

Arts & Cultural Representative
William JJ Willson

Campaigning & Political Representative
Callum Shannon

Faith & Relationship Representative
Alibeck Umbetov

Music & Performance Representative
Stephen Harper

Media Representative
Alex Light

Games & Activities Representative
Rory Pond

Special Interest Representative
Rosario Neyra

What the Committee does

Group Rep
As a representative of one of the groups you will be directly involved with and overlook the 
societies in your group. 

You will:

  • Represent the views of your societies to the Student Activities Officer and the societies committee
  • Represent the specific societies in your group in decisions such as grants and ratifying new societies
  • Be a point of contact for societies within your group. You will get your own representative email address where societies will be able to contact you.
  • Attend only 3 meetings a term with the Student Activities Officer
  • Coordinate the societies in your group and seek opportunities for collaboration and joint events
  • Hold a meeting with all the Committee’s  in your group at least once each term. This will act as a meeting to get information across to societies as well as a feedback mechanism. Committee’s will be able to voice any problems or complaints at this meeting.

Media Rep

  • All above
  • Work with media societies to ensure that print dates do not clash