University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

Academic Reps

Academic Reps are students who are the voice of their cohort within the University. They represent you within your Department, Faculty and the University as a whole.

Academic Reps are organised into departmental teams. Each team is made up of all the Course Reps within the Department and is led by a Department Rep. Teams work together to ensure that your Department makes the changes that you want to see.

It’s important that you raise any issues with your representatives so they can act upon it.

You can find your reps by using the Academic Rep Directory 2015/16.

Course Reps

There are over 300 Course Reps who represent students across the University.

They attend meetings with the University and work as team to improve the experience of students on their course and within their Department.

Course Reps have achieved some amazing things across the University. If you are a Course Rep, then share your achievements here.

You can find your Course Rep on the Academic Rep Directory 2015/16.

Department Reps

Department Reps lead the team of Course Reps within their Department.

There are currently 29 Department Reps who lead student representation across the University, from Medieval Studies to Hull York Medical School.

You can find your Department Rep on the Academic Rep Directory 2015/16.

We are currently recruiting Department Reps for the 2016/17 academic year. Applications open on Monday 25th April and close at 3pm on Friday 13th May.

Apply now!

The role of Department Rep is recruited via application and interview.

Interviews will take place during Week 6 and 7.

Faculty Reps

There are three Faculties within the University of York, they are: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences. There is one undergraduate and one postgraduate Faculty Rep for each. The current undergraduate Faculty Reps are:

  • Arts and Humanities - Marina Lewis

  • Social Sciences - Matt Hodges

  • Sciences - Thomas Shutt

The postgraduate Faculty Reps are recruited and supported by the Graduate Students Association.